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It was Linda Ronstadt vs. Robin Quivers on "The Tonight Show."

First, Jay Leno asked Howard Stern's sidekick, who is black, if she thought she should stand up for women and black people, two frequent targets of the shock jock's jokes."People tell me I'm supposed to, but I don't find it necessary," Quivers responded Thursday night.

When Quivers moved over a chair, and Ronstadt took her seat next to the host after singing a song, she told Leno, "It's not my place to take issue with one of your guests, but I felt deeply upset about what she said."

The audience booed Ronstadt and cheered Quivers, who defended Stern.

"Do you listen to the show, Linda? I think people who listen to the show understand what we're doing," Quivers said.

Rondstadt said she didn't listen to it and added: "I think you're shilling for him and I think he's taking advantage of you."

Leno stepped in after that one, telling the two, "I like you both coming on and speaking your mind."