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Two years ago, a district court judge called a Davis County couple "little jerks" as he sentenced them for preying on the elderly.

This week, another 2nd District Court judge, Michael Lyon, had a chance to deal with David L. Smith, 21, and Angela J. Walker, 20.They were arraigned Thursday on charges of stealing from a man in a wheelchair.

Both were charged with second-degree felony counts of burglary and robbery stemming from an April 11 incident in which they are accused of taking a microwave from the 40-year-old man's apartment as he watched helplessly.

The two pleaded not guilty, and Lyon set a June 7 trial.

During questioning by police, Walker said she knew the victim but denied taking the microwave. Smith also denied the allegations.

Smith and Walker are familiar to police in at least three northern Utah cities because of a simple but successful scam they pulled to trick the elderly out of money in 1993.

They persuaded victims to let them in on the pretense of using the phone. One would distract the victim while the other took money from purse or wallet, police said.

Police said about a dozen elderly residents in Ogden had money taken and people also had been victimized in South Ogden and in Clearfield, where Walker lives.

When Judge Stanton Taylor sentenced the two to six months in jail in July 1993, he called them "little jerks."

In the alleged robbery incident earlier this month, the man said he was approached by the couple April 10 as he sat outside his apartment in his wheelchair. The two asked to use his phone and, when he told them he didn't have one, they asked to use his bathroom.

A report said the man let them in, they talked with him for a moment, and then they left.

The next day, the victim said he heard a knock on the window and the woman asked to use the bathroom again.

The victim let in Smith and Walker and the two allegedly walked out of the apartment with his microwave, police said.

Walker was caught by police as she attempted to get into a home. Smith was hiding in a root cellar but came out after police warned they had a dog.

Both are in jail without possibility of bail because of their previous felony convictions.