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The release of a photograph of a man wanted for questioning in two violent home invasions has given police more than a dozen leads to follow.

However, none of the tips has yet led to the arrest of the man, said Salt Lake police Sgt. Chris Larsen."We've got some work to do and we're hopeful. I am surprised we haven't had more calls, however," he said.

Detectives released the picture taken by a camera in a bank teller machine minutes after the man allegedly bound a Salt Lake resident with telephone cord and stole her credit cards. He was apparently trying to withdraw cash from the machine and was caught by the camera.

Police thought the photograph, printed in newspapers and shown on television, might jog the memories of possible acquaintances. The release of the photo was accompanied by a detailed description of the assailant's car.

"I thought someone for sure would recognize the car. It could be that it's parked in a garage somewhere or that it has left town," Larsen said.

Detectives want to question the man in the photograph about the armed robbery of a homeowner on the 1800 East block of Michigan Avenue. The homeowner had stepped out of her house to find her cat about 10:45 p.m. but was forced back in by the gunman.

The man forced her into a chair, tied her with cord and stole cash and the credit cards from her purse.

He may also be the masked man who shot a woman a few blocks away five days later in what appears to be a botched burglary attempt, police say.