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This is a story told by Jeff Tingey of the Corvallis University 2nd Ward, Corvallis Oregon Stake, in a letter written in June 1993 to his parents while he served in the Brazil Brasilia Mission.

"This week, I had one of the most interesting experiences of my mission and one that really lets you know that you were sent to the right place."This last Wednesday, my companion and I were having lunch with some sister missionaries at the home of a member, who is the Primary president. As usual, I took my pictures of our family and country to show.

"As Eli, the member, looked at one picture, she stopped, startled. `Who is the woman in this picture?' she asked. I explained that it was my grandmother, who at the time lived in Utah.

" `I know that woman,' Eli said. I, of course, thought she was confused. But Eli hurried across the room and got her copy of the Book of Mormon. Inside the front cover was a picture and testimony of Grandma Tingey.

"Eli had received the Book of Mormon while she had taken the missionary discussions from some other missionaries. I guess Grandma bought the book and put her picture and testimony inside the front cover as part of her efforts to be a missionary and share the gospel with others.

"Eli had been baptized a year earlier and was preparing to go to the temple.

"The experience was really awesome. I was so moved that tears came to my eyes."

Grandmother Ruth Tingey, of Centerville, Utah, died March 30, 1994. Eli went to the temple during the late summer of 1993 and has remained active in the Church.

Later, Jeff said of the experience: "It really made me feel that I was where I was supposed to be. More than anything, though, is the love that my grandmother had for the gospel. She had been a widow for about 30 years and was active in the Church that whole time. I knew she had a testimony of the Church, but that was really the experience that solidified for me the love she had for the gospel."

Jeff returned from his mission in November 1993. Today, he is the young single adult representative in his stake and is council president of the institute of religion adjacent to Oregon State University.