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Infobases LDS Collectors Edition, available at Deseret Book, Sam Weller's Bookstore, Media Play $299.95

Hold this shiny little CD in your hands and realize the massive amount of text it contains. Not only the Standard Works, Joseph Smith's Translation and the Encyclopedia of Mormonism but a Greek and Hebrew Lexicon, topical guide, 500 LDS doctrinal books all cross-referenced to the scriptures, one million cross-reference links, the CD Sourcebook of American History, 1,000 photos of Church leaders, temples, maps and some 12,000 quotations.

You get all this in a Windows-based format with lots of help both onscreen and in a manual. I loved "tile vert" where you open Windows side-by-side. (And I got quite a chuckle from "killer monster grody earthworms from Mars" in one "help" example.)

LDS CD-ROM Library; Portals Project, Covenant Communications; available Seagull Bookstores, U. of U. Bookstore. $49.95

A CD-ROM explosion occurred when Portals brought out a CD-ROM for $69.95 and packed it full. This CD has the scriptures plus JST, the Journal of Discourses, Documentary History of the Church, conference addresses, doctrinal books and some 500 historical writings from early pioneers. Word searches are a breeze even for the techno-phobe gingerly taking a new computer out for a spin.

The Portals Project will release a Windows-based CD-ROM in the next month or so. I tested a Beta version and loved the expanded abilities you get with Windows. As a Windows neophyte, I appreciated the easy-to-understand icons that guide you in your searches. This CD will be similarly priced to the DOS version.

NIV Advanced Study Pack; Logos Research Systems; available Intermountain Christian Bookstores. $299

If you love to discover the multiple meanings layered in the Bible, you'll find Logos has gathered a mind-boggling array of help. Not only can you click on the Strong's numbers, but you'll find Strong's beefed up with Thayer's and Brown-Driver-Briggs' lexicons. Your personal Bible may have 80,000 to 90,000 cross-references - this study pack includes more than a half-million!

You can put the Psalms in poetry mode, search Nave's for all uses of the word "love" within the topic marriage and link three Bible versions on your screen by clicking and dragging your mouse. With an atlas that can build 3D topographical maps that can be rotated, this is a gem.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed Interactive CD-ROM; Pixel Multimedia, Aaron Witkin Assocates, Israel Antiquities Authority; marketed through Logos; available Intermountain Christian Bookstores. $59.95

The sound and computer-generated animation in this CD are a delight. It's easy to figure out non-native English speakers had the biggest hand in creating this CD - there are misspellings like "concieved" and early scroll figure Joseph Saad's name is spelled "Salad." Also, I did not find this program as user-friendly as the others.

But the interviews, the photographs, views of some of scrolls before they were unrolled and the actual colored photos of the scrolls with the English translation, are simply priceless.