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Around the world

BLAST: A powerful bomb exploded near Guatemala's presidential palace while U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali was attending a dinner. One man was killed and a woman wounded, but no one in the palace was reported injured. The bomb exploded Sunday night about 300 yards west of the palace. It was strong enough to break glass at nearby homes and could be heard through much of the city.

CRASH: A forensic expert examining the remains of the 60 people killed in Romania's worst air crash said Monday he believed an explosion caused the disaster. A commission investigating Friday's crash declined to comment until their inquiry is complete. But Dr. Vladimir Belis, head of Bucharest's Forensic Institute, which is trying to identify the victims, said the way the body parts were burned "was very specific to an explosion."

BOSNIA: Rebel Serb forces have dealt Bosnia's faltering ceasefire another blow by shelling the U.N.-declared "safe area" of Bihac, and Prime Minister Haris Silajdzic accused the West of playing into Serb hands. U.N. officials said the Serbs bombarded the government-controlled Bihac town on Sunday.

ATTACK: Christian nuns were beaten up inside their convent near New Delhi, India, and four were hurt seriously in an apparent attempt to halt their work, newspapers said on Monday. The reports said four people entered the convent in the town of Ghaziabad and beat up the nuns and their maid with sticks and iron rods.

CORRUPTION: China's anti-corruption campaign resulted in the expulsion of thousands of Communist Party officials and the recovery of millions of dollars, official media reported Monday. Authorities investigated 142,016 corruption cases last year, of which 135,112 were adjudicated and $321 million in economic losses recovered.

Across the nation

INCOME: Americans' personal income rose 0.5 percent in February, the smallest gain in three months, while spending increased more slowly than it has in nearly a year. In the latest signs of an economic slowdown, the Commerce De-part-ment also said Monday that incomes rose less rapidly in January than previously reported.

JET FIRE: Some passengers panicked during an evacuation after the tail engine caught fire on an American Airlines jet Sunday morning as it was taxiing before takeoff in New York City. Forty-three people suffered minor injuries. "People started to freeze in front of the (emergency) chute. A lot of them were screaming and crying, mothers clinging to young children," Sgt. Joseph Juliano, who caught evacuees under the left forward door, told The New York Times. "We were shouting. `Slow down, calm down,' and catching all the people we could."

SELENA: The thousands of people streaming somberly past Selena's casket in Corpus Christi, Texas, showed more than their love for the murdered Mexican-American singer - they signaled a show of force for a surging culture. About an hour before the 12-hour visitation ended, the family opened the coffin revealing the singer, wearing a purple dress. A family friend said the decision followed some fans' speculation that Selena's body was not inside.