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While visiting BYU and Provo for the first time a few weeks ago, I passed by the BYU Academy. Without knowing the history of the building, I commented to a friend about the beautiful, classic architectural lines of the building, and that it should be renovated rather than decay behind boarded-up windows and fences.

I was astounded when he told me the history of the building, and that it was at risk of being demolished.As one who has appreciated historical treasures around the world, I can't encourage enough the people of Utah and the alumni of BYU to renew their efforts and find the means to renovate the BYU Academy. The lineage and rich history of the Academy is reason enough to save it from the wrecking ball, because once destroyed, it can never be replaced. A replication, by definition, has no historical significance.

Public safety should not be a convenient excuse for demolition; rather, it should provide the motivation to pull together and restore or renovate the Academy so that the people of Utah and generations to follow will not lose forever an irreplaceable vestige of their history and tradition.

Philip A. Meek

Colorado Springs, Colo.