Our state legislators deserve compliments for resisting the trend to recognize homosexual "marriages."

The common law has historically held homosexuality detrimental to the good of society. Reasons for this include: it prevents parent-child relations with father/mother models; practiced exclusively - it prevents perpetuation of our race; it promotes intimate but shallow and unstable relationships between adults (with disease, acrimony and depression that accompany too-frequent change); and it deadens the giving of self that marriage calls for - intimacy bringing the expectation of children and long-term sacrifice for them and each other.Surprisingly, the recent Uniform Probate Code draft, held up as a model for state laws, would allow homosexual adoption, the next battle on the horizon.

Those who understand the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or the history of Sodom and Gomorrah, Athens or Rome, know that a society permeated with homosexual practices cannot last.

Adherence to these simple truths should not be confused with gay bashing. To oppose a practice is not to oppose people. All people are precious, but not all practices are.

Edwin H. Beus

Salt Lake City