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Present value of $10,000 investment made January 5, 1995 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1995, The Meyers Report

Our steeds set out on safari this week hoping to land big game and bigger profits. Silver retains first despite a close call with a rhino that gouged $558 out of his hide. Thirty-year T-bond stalked his dividend skillfully and brought down $83 in profits, good for second. The stock steeds wandered across the fabled elephant burial ground and took their profits in ivory. Blue Chip stayed in third after gathering $242 from the poor pachyderms, while OTC collected $264 worth of future piano keys to remain in fourth. Lipper Mutual realized some tall profits after he dropped a charging giraffe. He move up four places to fifth with a $216 gain. The stock steeds only found small game. EE bonds, Money Market and 90-day CD sold their pelts for $11, $10 and $8, respectively. They each fall one place to sixth, seventh and eighth. In ninth, myopic Gold didn't hit a thing but wasted $168 worth of ammunition when the lion he thought he was aiming at turned out to be a rock. Lipper International, in 10th, bagged $102, his fifth straight gain.