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Buy the best tools you can afford, says remodeler Glenn Pollock.

And have the right tool for the right job.Here are some of the tools that you likely will need to go about a major remodeling project:

For framing, a circular saw and table saw are essential, as are a framing hammer and a "cat's paw" to pull out all those bent-over nails and remove misplaced framing pieces. Also, a reciprocating saw and a heavy-duty crowbar.

Get a good leather belt to hold everything, especially the hammer - slung low on your hip - it feels kind of macho, like an Old West gunslinger's shootin' iron.

Nail guns save a lot of sore muscles, especially when nailing plywood sheathing. And one for finish work is a must.

For finishing work, invest in a good router, power plane, small 3-inch diameter rechargeable trim saw, belt sander and a screw gun.