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Around the world

COUNTERBALANCE: Using the example of "model workers" from around the country, the Chinese leadership sought Saturday to promote hard work and self-sacrifice as a counterbalance to growing government corruption scandals. The 2,783 "model workers" were honored by China's top leaders at a ceremony in the Great Hall of the People, where the Chinese government holds its most important meetings.SCENE STEALER: A man caused a stir at a U.N. crime conference Saturday in Cairo when the closed-circuit camera system transmitted life-size pictures of him kissing a woman in the back seats of the main conference hall. For two minutes the scene appeared on giant banks of television screens dotted around the complex.

Across the nation

OUTRAGE: Cincinnati residents crowded into a church Saturday to assail police for beating a teenager and spraying him in the face with tear gas during an arrest captured on videotape. Pharon Crosby, 18, a high school honors student, was punched, kicked in the ribs and sprayed with Mace by officers who were trying to disperse an unruly crowd of teenagers loitering at a downtown bus stop.

FLAT TIRE: A cargo jet blew out eight tires while landing Saturday at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, slid off the runway and got stuck in a muddy field. The four crew members were not injured. Workers were expected to take 48 hours to remove the DC-8 Emery Worldwide cargo jet, which had arrived from Dayton, Ohio, said city Aviation Department spokeswoman Lisa Howard. The accident was under investigation.

In Washington

GAP: Despite significantly closing the educational gap, black Americans still trail whites in wages and employment opportunities, a study released Saturday has found. The study by labor economist Jared Bernstein of the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute attributed the disparity to continued job discrimination and labor market trends that more adversely affect blacks. It concluded that without help from the government, including worker training programs and a higher minimum wage, blacks are likely to fall further behind in the labor market despite their educational gains.