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Aundrea, 8, was born Oct. 31, 1986; Joshua, 7, was born Dec. 22, 1987; and Randy, 9, was born Sept. 15, 1985. They all love Power Rangers, battery-operated toys and hand-held computer games. The noises they make seem to be important.

All three are friendly and outgoing. Joshua is particularly tender-hearted. Randy seems to be the instigator in the group and knows how to push people's buttons and get himself into trouble. Although they are very competitive with each other, constantly comparing who has the best stuff or the best experiences, they are affectionate and easy to talk to.Due to abuse and neglect, the boys have been in numerous foster and relative placements. Randy was born prematurely with a deformed head and a droopy left eye, which has been pretty much corrected with surgery.

All are delayed in their development. Joshua and Randy are mildly retarded and are in special education classes at school. Aundrea is being tested to see if he qualifies for special education.

These boys need a stable family who can provide consistent nurturing, accept their disabilities and provide the kinds of activities and experiences that will allow each to meet his potential. Black families are preferred, though families approved for a transracial adoption will be considered.

Financial assistance is available.