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Armed anti-government groups have sprung up in most states. Often dubbed "militias," their sizes and philosophies vary considerably. Here, states with confirmed, organized militias:

States with names in bold type have laws banning paramilitary training.

A typical member:

- White male

- Between 18 and 46

- Formerly served in the military

- Christian

- Unemployed or struggling financially

- Gun owner

Suspects in the Oklahoma City bombing allegedly have ties to a group called the "Michigan Militia." The group:

- Formed in April 1994 in response to gun control legislation, other perceived signs of federal conspiracy to form a police state.

- Commander is Norman Olson.

- Claims more than 12,000 members, men and women, called Wolverines.

- Has chapters in at least 70 of Michigan's 83 counties.

- Members meet regularly and hold military-style drills.