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A second major pageant is being planned in Sevier County, which currently stages "A Field of Stars" during the Independence Day celebration in Richfield.

Plans have been announced for an Easter pageant to be held in the Blackhawk Arena in Salina. A sunrise service will also be conducted on a nearby hillside. Easter Sunday is April 16.COMPANI, an organization of representatives from throughout the area, sponsors both pageants. Residents of the North Sevier area are especially encouraged to participate in the new Easter pageant.

The Salina City Council has pledged to support the Easter event, and financial support is being solicited from area businesses and individuals, according to COMPANI spokesperson Michele Visarraga. "He lives" has been selected as the theme.

"A Field of Stars" will be staged outdoors west of Richfield June 29-July 2. The cast will consist of more than 100 people from throughout the Sevier County area. A dinner will precede that pageant as a fund-raising event.

COMPANI officials announced about $60,000 has been donated toward pageant efforts in Sevier County. Grants and donations have been received from the Utah Arts Council, Sevier Travel Council, businesses, the county government, communities, churches and from private donors.

Visarraga said the long-range goal of COMPANI is for Sevier County to become a well-known center for family entertainment through pageants and other art presentations. A new convention center will be built at the Sevier Valley Applied Technology Center in Richfield.

The convention center and the Blackhawk Arena in Salina will help in promoting events that previously couldn't be held because of lack of facilities in Sevier Valley.

For further information about the COMPANI's activities or the pageants, contact Bobbie McGhie in Salina, phone 529-7189 or Sheila Jenson in Richfield, 896-8032