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Terry Twitchell, who worked for 11 years as the spokeswoman for the Department of Human Services, has been fired.

Department director Kerry Steadman said he asked Twitchell to step down because "it was time to make a change in that position."Steadman said Twitchell was not fired for cause. For the past few years, her position has been considered a political appointment, or exempt position under the state employment system.

Twitchell's termination is effective April 21, but she has already vacated her office. Under state law, she has the right to another state position at the same pay range she earned as a merit employee. Steadman said his office will help her find another job in state government.

Contacted at home by the Deseret News, Twitchell said there's another side to the story but that she did not want to tell it at this time.