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The body of a University of Utah student who was hiking alone was found in the Moss Ledge area of Big Cottonwood Canyon. She apparently fell to her death Sunday morning.

The victim was identified as Elizabeth Janine Mander-scheid, 35, an honors student from Luxembourg who was studying anthropology at the U.Salt Lake County sheriff's Lt. Jay Southam said Mander-scheid's body was discovered by another hiker about 1:30 p.m. at the bottom of a steep mountainside.

"She apparently lost her footing, fell about 60 feet to the first impact and then another 30 feet to the bottom," Southam said.

Investigators believe Manderscheid fell early Sunday but are awaiting an autopsy report for a more accurate time of death.

Dennis H. O'Rourke, chairman of the U.'s anthropology department, said Mander-scheid was "an excellent student, very bright and tremendously well liked." She had just presented a scientific paper in Oakland.