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An American wounded in a terrorist attack in Pakistan last month said he already is planning for his family's next trip abroad.

Mark McCloy was shot in the ankle during the March 8 terrorist ambush in Karachi that killed two co-workers. He returned to his parents' Framingham home last week after surgery and rehabilitation at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington.McCloy, his foot in a cast, hopes to graduate from crutches to a cane within 18 months.

But his more immediate challenge is to put the attack behind him as he prepares to go with his family in September to Moscow, where his wife has a job with the U.S. State Department. Being away from Pakistan has helped.

"If I were still in Pakistan, I think every time I saw a Pakistani I'd be a little cautious or paranoid," he said Monday.

McCloy believes it was luck that saved him from death as he and two other civilian Air Force Post Office employees were shot as they were driving to work in a van. He was seated behind the Pakistani driver, whom McCloy thinks the terrorists were trying to avoid.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack.