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Some like 'em hot. And that's how they remain with the new Tortilla Keeper offered by Ideal products.

This insulated, dishwasher/microwave/freezer-safe container not only keeps tortillas warm throughout a meal, but doubles as a perfect cold food keeper for salads, fresh fruits and cheese.

We "road-tested" this covered server, and found it a truly useful necessity . . . a must for tortilla-lovers. It's also dandy for keeping warm pancakes, french toast, etc.).

We're taking it poolside for the next round of cold tests . . .

You may order the Tortilla Keeper directly by sending $7.95 (handling and postage costs included) to Ideal Products, 4317 Shadeway Road, Lakewood, CA 90713.


Try a new twist this year . . . instead of painting eggs, hand decorate fresh Florida fruit (oranges, grapefruit, tangerines) with colored ribbons and arrange them in an Easter basket.

Call 1-800-428-4423 to order a "Sweet Treat" gift fruit package, which contains 10 pounds of premium-quality citrus and an 8-ounce jar of orange marmalade for $19.95.

Delivery is free, and the fruit is guaranteed to arrive in perfet condition and on time, usually within 4-6 days.

Be aware - the consumer police are watching out for you . . . The lush lawn and ivy-entwined basket and fancy bows are not part of the price. Pity.

It's a great deal, anyway.

Deebi's dough's delicious!

OK foodies, just give in and check out Mrs. Field's Frozen Cookie Dough.

It's formed in "individual and irresistible ready-to-bake cookies," but we prefer to grab the 1-pound box of sweet decadence and eat the stuff - raw and ready!

Beats Ben and Jerry's - and you don't have to waste valuable time sorting through any ice cream.

Available at Dan's Albertsons, Smith's and Mrs. Field's stores.

WARNING: Take care not to consume the product rapidly. Flying dough may cause a permanent chip on the shoulder.