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Building and fire inspectors have asked a West Valley chemical company to make some changes in how it handles and stores hazardous materials.

In January, the city served a search warrant, expecting to find a large store of explosives, cor-ro-sives and other hazardous chemicals at Brody Chemical, 4825 S. 6200 West.Because the case is still under investigation, city prosecutor Keith Stoney and other city officials refuse to talk about what inspectors found in the search.

But company owner Jon Lid-diard said inspectors found no explosives and little or none of the other materials in question.

"We make laundry soap and hand soap and shampoo and ice melter," Liddiard said. "We're not talking rocket fuel here."

In a meeting with Liddiard Tuesday, the city offered several recommendations to increase safety to public health and the environment.

Liddiard said he has already implemented many of the suggestions and will implement the others soon.

In an eight-page affidavit that accompanied the search warrant, city building inspector Ed Domian listed numerous concerns about the way Brody was doing business. Those concerns included improper storage of dangerous chemicals and an inadequate spill control or containment system.

Liddiard said the affidavit's allegations were exaggerated and that his company handles and stores chemicals safely.

He has agreed to the city's suggestions, which include:

- Remove swimming pool products, such as chlorine and bromine, or build a containment area.

- Build a flameproof cabinet for flammables.

- Get rid of old raw materials that the company doesn't need.

- Hire an engineer to make sure shelving is safe.

- Store hazardous materials on ground level rather than on shelves.

Brody's chemical inventory and practices are currently being analyzed. When those analyses come back, Stoney will decide whether to prosecute the company under state fire and building codes.

The city also is expected to decide then whether to grant Brody a business license, which has been delayed pending approval by the planning and zoning, fire and building departments.