A 17-year-old Layton gang member was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for a drive-by shooting in February that wounded a 16-year-old youth.

Robert Carreon is already serving prison sentences for theft and burglary charges in an October 1994 break-in that netted him the .22-caliber rifle used in the shooting.Second District Judge Jon Mem-mott ordered the two sentences imposed Tuesday run concurrently with the two Carreon began serving two weeks ago.

Carreon pleaded guilty to attempted homicide and possession of a stolen firearm, both second-degree felonies, in the drive-by shooting. In return, a five-year firearm enhancement originally filed in the attempted murder charge was dropped.

According to court records, Carreon is part of a gang in the Camelot Subdivision area of Lay-ton that broke into a neighbor's home in October 1994, stealing numerous firearms, including semi-automatic weapons, and a cache of ammunition.

Acting on a tip that the stolen guns were in Carreon's home, SWAT teams from the Layton and Clearfield police departments surrounded his home. Carreon and two other gang members surrendered after a police dispatcher called the house and told them the SWAT teams were waiting.

After being certified as an adult, Carreon on Feb. 7 pleaded guilty in 2nd District Court to burglary and theft charges.

Four days before that, Carreon and another youth were implicated in the midnight drive-by shooting in front of a Layton sandwich shop. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the face.