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Former Davis Sheriff and County Commissioner William "Dub" Lawrence was jailed Tuesday, cited for spouse abuse after Centerville police responded to a domestic dispute at his home.

Lawrence was arrested on a misdemeanor spouse-abuse citation about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, Centerville Police Chief Jim Oswald confirmed.Oswald said two Centerville patrolmen responded to the call, and when they arrived at Lawrence's home he was not there. He returned shortly after and, based on what the two officers observed, was arrested.

"There was a family argument," Oswald said. "It was not a grand altercation, there was no broken furniture, no broken windows. In fact, to keep from waking their children, they were arguing outside in the car," the chief said.

But the two officers did see a red mark on the arm of Lawrence's wife, Nancy, and decided there was sufficient cause to make an arrest, Oswald said.

The chief confirmed that Centerville police have responded to the Lawrence home on other domestic disputes in past years but said this is the first time an arrest was made.

The chief said the arrest was made without incident. Davis County Sheriff's Office officials confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Lawrence was being held there on $500 bail.

Lawrence was elected sheriff of Davis County in 1974, running as a Democrat, and served one four-year term.

He ran for the county commission in 1988 as a Republican, serving a two-year term, and in 1990 opted to file against Rep. Jim Hansen for the GOP nomination for the 1st Congressional District. Lawrence lost to Hansen in the state convention in June of that year and that fall launched an unsuccessful, last-minute write-in campaign for a County Commission seat.

In 1992, Lawrence ran unsuccessfully against Hansen again.