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Carl Albrecht of Richfield has been elected chairman of the state's Sevier Valley Applied Technology Center board of directors.

Having served for about two years on the institution's advisory committee and recently elected chairman of that group, Albrecht has long had an interest in civic affairs and education.Manager of Garkane Power Inc., he has been a Richfield city councilman and a member of the Sevier Board of Education.

Several other new members were named to the board, among them Linda Ogden of Richfield, who was elected vice chairman.

She replaces Ruth Jackson, also of Richfield, who served several years on the school district's board of education but was unsuccessful in an election bid to the state Board of Ed-u-ca-tion.

Other new SVATC board members are Nancy Jensen, replacing Elaine Burnham as representative of the South Sanpete School District; Pat Christensen, representing the Piute School District and succeeding Paul Morgan; and Alan Hall of the North Sanpete School District.

Hall was appointed to a new representative position for that district.

Richard Pace continues on the board as a representative of Wayne County, along with Jerold Johnson of the Sevier School District and Van Wiley, the latter representing the business community.

Among the new chairman's pri-or-i-ties will be to get a higher education center established on the tech's campus; develop needed student housing; improve relations and communications between the board, administration, staff, students and outreach program per-son-nel.

He also wants to work toward making SVATC an even more important asset to the region.