This is the in-between time for fishing. There's some ice on a few waters, but most are open. There's some good fishing available, but recent cold weather shut down a few of the hot spots. Rivers haven't yet hit flood stage, but flow is beginning to increase. And, fishing is improving, but has not yet peaked.

For those who want to stand on solid water can still do so. Fish Lake, Strawberry and Scofield are still ice covered. The ice is so thick at Strawberry, in fact, fishermen are having a difficult time striking water.Ice-free are Deer Creek, Rockport, East Canyon, Pine View and Echo.

Runoff has not yet hit the Provo. Fishing below Deer Creek as been excellent in recent days. Typical catches are browns in the 16- to 18-inch range.

Good success has come of using small scuds, sow bugs and pheasant tail flies. There's some dry fly action using Griffith's Knat and Parachute or Adams.

The Green River below Flaming Gorge has also been good. After suffering through a slow mid- to late-summer slump, fishermen are now hooking into some nice fish in the 16- to 17-inch range. All are reported to be "husky and active." Here, too, the small scuds, sow bugs and pheasant tails are working well.

Traffic along the river has been heavy in recent weeks.

Ice has left the Utah portion of Flaming Gorge. The more popular bays are open and offering up some fish. Some of the best success has come to those trolling shallow in the bays with Rapalas and flat fish.

The Ogden and Weber rivers are starting to show signs of spring runoffs. This has slow fishing. When the runoffs peak, fishing will all but stop.

Fishing at Lake Powell is being rated good to excellent for striped bass in Hite and near the Glen Canyon Dan.

Fish are in 40- to 60-feet of water. Best fishing has come from using anchovies. Again, there's no limit on stripers. There's still a need to thin the population.

Over eating and a downward cycle in shad reproduction over the past couple of years is taking its toll on stripers.

Anglers are also having good success finding largemouth and smallmouth bass, and even a few crappie this year.

Three weeks ago the walleye began moving at Willard Bay and Utah Lake. The snap of cold weather shut them off, however. They began to move again this week at Utah Lake, but have not surfaced again at Willard Bay.

Fishermen are starting to pick up some nice fish at Utah Lake using plastic bait and threadfin silver shad.

Within a few days, with the good weather, activity should pick up at Willard. Good lures would be the Mr. Twisters, Rapalas and Countdown Rapalas worked along the dike.

Catfish are starting to show up at Utah Lake and should start appearing at Willard soon.

Look for fishing to pick up in the next weeks as the waters begin to warm up and fish get more active.

See fishing report on page D9.