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A Provo transient found a temporary home early Thursday morning, but the home belonged to someone else and had keys and wheels.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m. a Provo patrol officer spotted a motor home traveling south on University Avenue that earlier had been parked near the street with a "for sale" sign in the window. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle it accelerated and headed southbound onto I-15.The officer followed the vehicle onto the interstate and called Utah Highway Patrol for assistance. Lt. Mark West said the officer followed the vehicle more than 40 miles into Juab County at speeds ranging from 40 mph to 70 mph. The vehicle was finally stopped about three miles south of Nephi after it ran over a spike strip set up by UHP officers.

West said a male transient was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail. The vehicle, valued at about $32,000, suffered minor damage.