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The Granite School District has made some sweeping changes involving a dozen principals, five assistant principals and eight administrators.

Deputy Superintendent Riley O'Neil said the changes were triggered by three retirements and a death, resulting in a "domino effect" on many other employees.And more changes are in the works. "This is only the first group," said Granite Board of Education President Patricia Sandstrom after the board had approved the 25 transfers and promotions Tuesday night. "We'll have more next meeting."

The reassignments caught some of those involved by surprise, and board members predicted that the district's phones would be "ringing off the hook" when parents and teachers learned of them.

Superintendent Loren G. Burton said the changes were the product of "extreme care and deliberation" by the board and the superintendency. "We know the schools and the administrators will be strengthened by these decisions," he said.

The dominoes started to fall with the retirement of Patricia Gurr, director of elementary school services. She was replaced by Julene Oliver, the associate director, who in turn was replaced by Kevin Hague, the associate director of classified personnel.

Lloyd Bybee, principal of J.F. Kennedy Junior High then moved up to Hague's old job, and Lynn Boehme, principal of Brockbank Junior High, moved over to Kennedy. Boehme was replaced by Stephen Hess, assistant principal at Hunter High, who was replaced by Kathy Clark, assistant principal of Valley Junior High, who was replaced by John Goldhardt, intern assistant principal at Bonneville Junior High.

Along another line, Mark Grant, intern assistant principal at Thomas Jefferson Junior High, will replace Steve Guthrie, assistant principal at the same school, who will replace Del Gurr, assistant principal at Olympus High, who is retiring.

Wes Johnston, assistant principal at Skyline High School, is also retiring. He will be replaced by Sundee Listello, associate director of junior high school services, who will be replaced by Claudia Thorum, associate director of adult and community education, who will be replaced by Ron Hermansen, associate director of the Chapter I program.

The death of Hunter Elementary principal Lynn Burton set the following changes in motion, all involving elementary school prin-ci-pals:

- Wynne Ann Marchant from Twin Peaks to Hunter.

- Cyndy Cannell from Plymouth to Twin Peaks.

- Cal Poulson from Hillsdale to Plymouth.

- Paul McCarty from Lake Ridge to Hillsdale.

- Claudia Wasden from Mill Creek to Lake Ridge.

- Karen Anderson from Vista to Mill Creek. A replacement for Vista is expected in the next round of changes.

In a circular set of reas-sign-ments:

- Rex Burton moved from Redwood to Holladay.

- Catherine Perryman from Holladay to Woodrow Wilson.

- Michael Keeley from Woodrow Wilson to Bacchus.

- Richard Hyland from Bacchus to Redwood.

All of the new assignments are effective July 1.