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Robert Redford made a lot of good movies. He also made one called "The Electric Horseman." The plot of this movie, as near as I could tell, had something to do with a sleek show horse that was ridden each night before a crowd of people. As if that weren't bad enough the horse was kept in a warm stall, fed hay and oats and brushed daily.

According to the movie, no horse should have to live such a "horrid" life. No, the only way for a horse to live is to be turned loose in the wilds of Utah and live the life of the mustang.Say what? Have you seen these "wild horses" of Utah after attempting to survive a hard winter? They are in a state of starvation with ribs showing. In general the Utah wild horse is ill-tempered, inbred and a poor excuse for a horse.

Had Redford come in contact with his released horse after a Utah winter, the horse would have first kicked and bitten him, then broken into his former stall and refused to leave the premises.

While one could discuss the government's herd of wild horses estimated to be about 70,000 in number, along with the question of what to do with them now, that is not the point.

The point is that huge numbers of Americans after viewing a movie having little if any relationship to reality suddenly became wild-horse experts. Never mind the fact they were less than confident of the point at which oats enter and exit the horse. They then took up the cause of turning horses loose to be "free."

If horses could vote, I would be surprised if most did not prefer the husbandry and care of man over the struggle with Mother Nature.

Recently a show aired on TV called "The Fur Wars." In summary, it related the fact that most animal-rights advocates live on concrete in large cites and have no real contact or practical knowledge about the animals they are supposedly saving from man.

Eskimos and other native Americans have been hunting and trapping animals since before recorded history and now are being told they can't do it anymore. What is going on?

F.T. Gardiner