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Radio personality Howard Stern told listeners Thursday in Spanish that he meant no harm when he made fun of the killing of singer Selena. The stunt, which included playing the slain woman's music to the sound of gunfire, had stirred outrage among Mexican-Americans.

Stern said on his morning radio program that his comments Monday, the day the 23-year-old star was buried, were not meant to hurt the victim's loved ones."As you all know, I'm a satirical person. My comments about Selena's tragic death, without a doubt, were not made with the intention of causing even more pain to her family, friends and those who loved her," Stern said in his statement, which was translated from Spanish.

In his broadcast Monday, Stern poked fun at the star, who was dubbed the queen of Tejano music, and portrayed her work as silly and shallow. He and his sidekicks also played excerpts of Selena's music with gunshot sounds.

"This music does absolutely nothing for me," Stern had said. "Alvin and the Chipmunks have more soul."

Stern also made disparaging comments about Mexico and Mexican-Americans.

Hispanic leaders called the remarks disrespectful and racist and threatened to boycott businesses that advertise on the shock jock's radio show.