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Around the world

BOSNIA: Bosnian Serbs shelled a Sarajevo suburb for the second straight day Friday, closed all checkpoints into Sarajevo and threatened to shoot down U.N. helicopters flying over their territory. The rising tension between Serbs and the United Nations followed a request Thursday night by French peacekeepers near Sarajevo for two NATO warplanes to buzz Serb positions in a show of force.RWANDA: Thousands of Rwandans killed a year ago in tribal genocide were buried on a hillside Friday in a gathering that was as much a protest as a funeral. On the day of remembrance for the half million slain, at least 10,000 mourners assembled on Rebero Hill, the highest point overlooking the Rwandan capital of Kigali. More than 200 plain wooden boxes, draped with purple cloth and decorated with flowers, were lowered into concrete pits. Most contained the remains of some 6,000 victims that had been dumped in mass graves and then exhumed for proper burial.

Across the nation

`PRIEST' SLAMMED: Cardinal John O'Connor slammed the movie "Priest," comparing it to "scrawling on the walls of men's rooms" and its producer to Pontius Pilate. "The movie `Priest' is as viciously anti-Catholic as anything that has ever rotted on the silver screen," O'Connor wrote in his weekly column in Catholic New York, the archdiocese's newspaper. The cardinal admitted he had not seen the film, and he left it up to Catholics whether or not to buy a ticket. But he was unambiguous in his criticisms, which he said he based on newspaper reviews. The British-made movie tells of two priests in England who have affairs - one with a female housekeeper and the other with a male lover.

PAPERS SERVED: The biological father of Baby Richard had a court order delivered to the 4-year-old's adoptive parents in Chicago, ordering them to give up the boy who has been the center of a four-year court battle. Loren Heinemann, an attorney for the biological father, said it was not likely that the child would be turned over Friday but added "it darn well better" happen soon. A Cook County deputy on Thursday evening served the legal papers on John and Jane Doe, as the adoptive parents are called, at their suburban Schaumburg home.