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Ken Hackmeister's patience, with his youth fastpitch softball programs, is paying big dividends for Salt Lake City.

Hackmeister's 18-year-old dream, being a sponsor, a coach, and a promoter has hit a bonanza.Salt Lake City has 16 players committed to play in the United States Olympic Festival, July 18-26, in Colorado Spring, Co.

On the North Team: Billy Hillhouse, pitcher, (Larry H. Miller Toyota); Mike LaOrange, pitcher, (S. L. Miners); Chad Rose, third base, (S.L. Miners); Hank Hathaway, shortstop, (Page Brake); Utility players - Kyle Magnusson (Miller Toyota), and Mike Aranzullo (Miller Toyota).

South Team - Coach Ken Hackmeister (K&L Sports); John Rees, pitcher, (K&L Sports); Scott Deuel, outfield, (S. L. Miners), and utilityman Cody Alvey (Page Brake 23).

East Team: Coach Dennis Rose (S. L. Miners); Ken Eriksen, catcher, (Miller Toyota); Brett Alvey, first base, (Miller Toyota), and outfielder Brian Lehrman (Miller Toyota).

West Team - Travis Latey, pitcher, (Page Brake 23); Chip Ehlers, catcher, (Miller Toyota), and utilityman, Donovan Dell (Page Brake 23).

Page Brake sponsor Carl Hansen, and Larry H. Miller have also added their assistance to ensure the programs develop.