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The new Davis High School auditorium may be used for more than hosting student assemblies - Kaysville City is poised to pay $100,000 for the privilege of using the facility for city activities.

School district and city officials are now ironing out the details of a soon-to-be-consummated deal that gives the city a guaranteed 15 days of use per year of the $3.5 million auditorium and first option for other times when the facility is not being used for school activities."Our major interest as far as Kaysville coming in as a partner was to make this into a community center," said Davis Schools Assistant Superintendent Lynn Trenbeath. "Both the district and the city have been thinking about it - it's been a combination of things for a number of years."

In addition to its $100,000 contribution, Kaysville will reimburse the school district for actual expenses incurred in using the auditorium, such as utility costs, stage support and cleanup.

The city will be authorized to sublet the facility and will probably do so liberally, City Manager John Packer said. He doesn't anticipate the city itself using it much.

"There are several groups that would use it, but the city doesn't do many auditorium-type things right now," he said.

Some of the groups would include the Kaysville Chamber of Commerce, which holds an annual devotional in connection with Independence Day, and a local live theater company.

Trenbeath doesn't anticipate any problems in the joint use with Kaysville. "We've had a great relationship with them," she said.

Construction of the free-standing building is almost complete and is on schedule for an April opening date. The 1,200-seat auditorium improves on Davis High's former facility by 300 seats and has a much larger stage, as well as better electrical and sound facilities.

"The old one was bad," Tren-beath said. "The stage was so small that during band concerts one half of the band would have to play, then the other half. There wasn't enough room to fit the whole band at once."

The old auditorium was converted into 14 classrooms on two levels last year as part of a comprehensive $2 million Davis High remodeling project. The auditorium conversion was done so cleverly it won the architect and contracting firms each an award.