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Jon Secada, the Cuban-American pop singer, will step into the starring role of Danny Zuko, the supergreaser, in the Broadway production of "Grease" on July 17.

Secada, 32, will replace Adrian Zmed, who has filled the role for six months and is leaving to join the national tour, where he will replace Rex Smith. Barry Weissler, who produces the show with his wife, Fran Weissler, said they had been courting Secada, a 1993 Grammy Award winner, for more than a year."Jon's urban quality will give `Grease' a more contemporary edge and expand the audience to the play," Weissler said Friday. "We felt Jon could continue, within his personality, all the ingredients of Danny Zuko."

Secada, who is currently on a national concert tour, will perform in the Honolulu production of the play before making his Broadway debut. He will be the third actor to play Danny Zuko in the current production.