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Thousands of Nu Skin International distributors from around the world are converging on Utah this weekend to hear a little inspiration from their leaders and another big-time speaker, and to find out what new products they can start selling.

The Provo-based multilevel marketing company's annual convention began Friday morning at the Delta Center with President Blake Roney and Executive Vice President Steve Lund addressing the 8,000 independent distributors. According to company officials, more than 3,000 of the distributors are from foreign countries.On Friday and Saturday nights the distributors will be treated to celebrity entertainment and a well-known speaker. Only Nu Skin's executives know who the entertainers and speakers are, and they won't tell. Normally the distributors don't even find out who the celebrities are until they appear on stage.

Past speakers have been former President Ronald Reagan and former Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf. Big-time comedians Bill Cosby and Jay Leno have performed at the convention.

The big news at Friday morning's session was the announcement of two new product lines. Distributors can now start selling Nu Colour, the company's new cosmetics product line. The products include lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, lip liner, eyeliner, liquid finish and makeup remover. The products contain a combination of trademark ingredients. Most also have sunscreen ingredients, moisturizers, antioxidants and special powders to ease application.

The company's Interior Nutritional Designs product line also announced a new product line for those over 50. "IDN Masters Wellness System" is a comprehensive program that provides nutrition, diet supplements and exercise to help control diet, fat, cholesterol levels and blood sugar tolerance.

The convention wraps up Saturday night with an awards ceremony. The Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau says the convention will generate more than $6.7 million for the local economy, and Nu Skin distributors booked more than 16,000 hotel rooms.