Rarely seen photographs of the Rolling Stones are featured in a new book that shows the band 32 years ago on its first British tour.

The 66 black-and-white shots can be found in "The Rolling Stones: Black and White Blues, 1963" (Turner Publishing; $19.95), with photographs by Gus Coral and text by David Hinckley and Debra Rodman.Rodman, who runs the Emerald Literary Agency in Beverly Hills, acquired and researched the photos, and co-wrote the text of the 126-page hardcover book.

"These are the very first pictures ever taken of the band," Rodman said. "It's a time when Brian Jones was alive and the band was giving their music a try. They were at a point where if it didn't work out, they were going to break up and leave it at that. Nobody thought the band was going to last."

Coral was hired by a British TV producer to shoot the Stones on that first 36-city tour. He saved his work and sent some of the photos to Mick Jagger, but when the head Stone didn't respond, the London photographer filed the stills away.

"This differs from other Stones books because in 1963, the band wasn't the Rolling Stones as we know them today," Rodman said. "They weren't confident as personalities or performers."

- Fred Shuster