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- Nourish members

- Care continuously- Follow Christ's example

The responsibility of a home teacher is to do as the Savior directed: "Feed my sheep" (see John 21:15-17), Elder Helvecio Martins of the Seventy remarked at the priesthood session Saturday evening.

Elder Martins recalled receiving the priesthood after the June 8, 1978, revelation that extended priesthood and temple blessings to all worthy male members of the Church. He said the first calling he received thereafter was home teacher, and it is a calling from which he has never been released.

"Since then, I have considered this to be a most important and wonderful calling," he said, quoting President Ezra Taft Benson as saying no greater Church service is rendered than that by a humble, dedicated, committed home teacher.

Quoting the Savior's words to Peter, "Feed my sheep," Elder Martins said: "This is the work or the stewardship of the home teacher: to feed, to nourish and quench the thirst of the sheep who are assigned to him as a shepherd. Nothing has been represented to have higher priority or more urgency in my ecclesiastical life, followed by the lives of my children than the dedicated, loyal and devoted fulfillment of this stewardship. . . ."

He recalled that during his second week as an investigator he received a visit from the branch president with two men assigned as his family's home teachers. They became the family's first and most direct contact with the Church.

The home teachers and branch president continued to serve and show interest in the family after their baptism and even after the family had moved from the branch.

"The example of those dedicated brothers served as the foundation for the future conduct of a new priesthood holder," Elder Martins said.