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Present value of $10,000 investment made January 5, 1995 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1995, The Meyers Report

With the first quarter of the year upon them, our money mounts fight for position as they enter the first turn. Thirty-year T-bond maintains first place after a fast start. His $36 gain has him well out in front. Blue Chip gained a place, moving into second after a $101 gain. Everyone has his eye on Silver, however, playing the peso pandemonium. Silver gained a whopping $1,155 and moves from ninth to third. OTC dropped to fourth after price-fixing charges cost him a few furlongs and $37. He is still very much in the race, however. The saver steeds are in the middle of the pack, although all dropped one place. EE bonds and Money Market are running steady in fifth and sixth after respective gains of $11 and $10. Ninety-day CD picked up some speed after a rate increase gained him $8 for seventh place. Lipper Mutual dropped $20 and one place to eighth. Gold is catching his second wind, but his $229 gain still doesn't have him in the black. Lipper International has been running stronger in recent weeks, but even his $142 gain couldn't lift him out of 10th.