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It was supposed to be the week the prosecution got serious about putting O.J. Simpson away a long time for murder. It turned out to be the week the circus tent collapsed.

A cross-dresser was booted from the courtroom, a U.S. senator mocked Judge Lance Ito, Brian "Kato" Kaelin complained he was being exploited and a dentist helped arrange for an ousted juror to go public.During a live TV interview, the juror made explosive comments that sparked an investigation by Ito and raised the specter of a mistrial.

Testimony was canceled for two days because three of the remaining jurors got sick.

Even the English language took a beating: Attorneys bickered over whether videotape or snapshots offered the best "recordation."

When the Simpson trial veers, the victims - Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman - and the accused - Simpson - at times seem forgotten.

The odd developments came as the trial was supposed to sober up, as prosecutors began unveiling in detail the abundant physical evidence that is said to directly link Simpson to the killings.

The week began as expected: with police criminalist Dennis Fung facing off against prosecutor Hank Goldberg, a dry matchup that had reporters groaning.

One spectator fell asleep during Fung's testimony and was escorted from the courtroom, and stern warnings went out to others who were nodding off.

On Wednesday, 30-year-old Will B. King caused a stir when he arrived at court in a wild dress, thick makeup and mismatched tennis shoes and won the lottery for a coveted courtroom seat.

During the morning session, King bickered with someone for sitting on his dress. Ito ejected King from the courtroom and told jurors to ignore the incident, saying dryly, it "spoke for itself."