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Twenty-nine Utah inventors received patents from the United States Patent Office for a variety of devices, systems and methods. Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C., 20231. Abstracts and classifications are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- Myron L. Workman; James D. Burton, both of Brigham City; Bret L. Pearson, Woods Cross; Randy Jensen, Brigham City; Bret Pond, Honeyville, and K. Bert Rose, Tremonton. A multiple-stylus probe mounted to a turret-tool station of a numerically controlled lathe. Assigned to Thiokol Corporation, Ogden. Filed June 25, 1992. Patent 5,394,757.- Joseph A. Orr; Dwayne R. Westenskow, both of Salt Lake City, and Fidel H. Silva, Sandy. Ultrasound medical diagnostic device providing self-adherence to a patient. Assigned to Axon Medical, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Mar. 21, 1994, a continuation of application Apr. 1993. Patent 5,394,877.

- Kevin E. Kennedy, Washington Terrace. A mountable beverage cooler-and-dispenser system. Filed Mar. 21, 1994. Patent 5,395,011.

- Chris L. Billings, Salt Lake City. Beverage-delivery apparatus provided with a pump-containing ice chest. Filed Feb. 25, 1994. Patent 5,395,013.

- Gerald J. McLaughlan, West Valley, and Robert G. Cluff, Taylorsville. Chain-link fencing with decorative slats that provide complete privacy. Filed May 10, 1993. Patent 5,395,092.

- Donald R. Lauritzen, Hyrum, and Larry D. Rose, Layton. Air-bag reaction canister having softened edges. Assigned to Morton International, Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed Feb. 4, 1994. Patent 5,395,133.

- Brian D. Gunn, Ogden; Marc D. Folsom, Salt Lake City, and David J. Dyer, Kaysville. Passenger-side air bag with controlled deployment. Assigned to Morton International, Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed Apr. 2, 1993. Patent 5,395,134.

- Richard E. Morrisson, Salt Lake County. Swivel-type adapter pipe fitting for sprinkler or drip-type irrigation systems. Assigned to Pro-Mark, Inc., Bountiful. Filed June 29, 1993. Patent 5,395,139.

- R. Gail Billings, Holladay; Christopher A. Cutler, Centerville, and David A. Bush, Bountiful. Diathermy coagulation and ablation apparatus and method. Assigned to Utah Medical Products, Midvale. Filed June 29, 1993. Patent 5,395,363.

- Ramesh K. Prakash, Salt Lake City. A method for diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis. Assigned to Theratech, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 19, 1993. Patent 5,395,753.

- Owen D. Brimhall, South Jordan. A kinesthetic feedback system for a human-activated lever apparatus. Assigned to Technical Research Associates, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed June 8, 1993. Patent 5,396,266.

- Lee A. Hollaar, Salt Lake City. A computer system providing error recovery for a client-server distributed-processing system having a cascade of servers. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation. Filed Nov. 5, 1992. Patent 5,396,613.

- R. Jennifer Hwu, Salt Lake City; J. Mark Baird, Sandy, and Roberto W. Alm, Salt Lake City. A radio frequency antenna and mixer system for receiving and down-converting r-f signals to i-f signals. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation. Filed June 14, 1993. Patent 5,396,658.

- Gary H. Smith, Salt Lake City, and Kerry E. Wilkinson, Phoenix, Ariz. Physical exerciser. Assigned to Exerhealth, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed April. 20, 1993, a continuation-in-part of design patent 344,112. Design patent 356,128.