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The vast majority of Utahns, including ranchers, want to keep our few remaining wild areas more or less the way they are today. The only way to guarantee this is to officially make these areas wilderness. Otherwise, the BLM will allow oil and gas development, strip mines, power plants and who knows what on some of these areas, and local residents would have only a limited say about it.

Please don't let the childish battle between the "environmentalists" and "conservatives" get in the way of making a good decision for Utah. Wilderness isn't just for a small minority of backpackers. It's for hunters, fishermen, horse riders, drift boaters and wildlife. Even cattle and sheep grazing is allowed on wilderness. But as important as wilderness is to those living now, it is much more important for our future generations who will surely appreciate some unspoiled land in a much more urbanized Utah.Ray Gromer

Salt Lake City