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Rainy weather failed to dampen the intensity of the the University of Utah football team's first scrimmage of the spring Saturday.

"I was really happy with the toughness we showed," said coach Ron McBride. "I was pleased with the way we hit on both sides of the ball and the way we got after it."Because of the cold, rainy weather the Ute coach said it was hard to evaluate the progress of quarterbacks Brandon Jones, Mike Fouts and Ryan Shea. "Because of the rain and the cold we didn't throw as much as we had planned so it was hard to evaluate the quarterbacks today," said McBride.

The running game looked good led by sophomore Juan Johnson and senior Henry Lusk. Both carried the ball for big gains.

McBride was also pleased with the play of the defense. "I really thought we got some good defensive play today from our linebackers Jason Hooks, Mark Livingston, Dave Cunningham and Chad Kauhaahaa. They made some big plays and hit hard."

Overall, McBride is pleased with where his team is after one week of spring drills. "We are a very young team but I really like the way the players are working and they way they like to get in there and play football."

The Utes continue spring drills, three days a week, through April 29.