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American painter Ross Bleckner's mid-career retrospective at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is the artist's first museum show in New York.

Bleckner's work explores light from both ends of the spectrum. It includes bright Op Art effects, both in his early stripe paintings and in recent canvases across which luminous ovals wheel and pulse.Bleckner has also produced dark, haunting series of paintings, in which candelabras, urns and other funereal motifs float in mysterious, shadowy dimensions.

About 75 paintings and works on paper are installed on the upper ramps of the museum's spiral rotunda, and will remain in place through May 14.

A visitor starting a tour of the museum will find works by Felix Gonzalez-Torres in a concurrent exhibition installed in the first ramps curving up from the main floor.

Gonzalez-Torres's multimedia art reflects his own interest in political and social issues in ways that involve the visitor, too: the ramps' floors are piled with some of the artist's "stack" pieces - neat piles of large prints - and spills of colorful, wrapped candy. Visitors may help themselves to both, but are asked not to eat the candy in the museum.

These works alternate with others that include photographic jigsaw puzzles, paired objects and light-bulb arrangements.

The exhibition runs through May 10.