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The success of This Is the Place State Park will depend to a large degree on the support of Utah individuals, families and organizations. Donations of money, time and material will be welcomed.

For information or to volunteer, call 584-8392.Among projects in which volunteer help is needed are:

- Fencing: Lodgepole fencing will be used from the entrance to the park and continue east on Sunnyside Avenue, replacing existing chain-link fence. Chain link will be installed for security around the park office. Deteriorating picket fencing will be replaced.

- Drinking fountains: Fountains will be placed throughout the park.

- Split-log benches: Benches are needed throughout the park and at the visitors center now under construction.

- Log-home chinking: New chinking is needed for the Gardner, Ence, Roberts and Riter cabins.

- Fruit trees: A variety of trees typical of the era will replace trees that have died.

- Lodgepoles: Poles and muscle are needed to rebuild the bowery.

- Paint: Interior and exterior paint are needed for the Brigham Young farmhouse and other buildings.

- Foot bridges: Bridges are needed to accommodate all visitors.

- Mary Fielding Smith Barn: Materials and "elbow grease" will be used for an old-fashioned barn-raising.

- Walkways: Walkways will be built to help keep feet dry and provide smooth rides for disabled visitors.

- Rag rug runners: Runners are needed to cover bare floors.

- Landscaping: A local landscape architect is donating plans. Materials and work time will soon be needed.

- Sprinklers: Sprinklers will keep plant life healthy.

- Storage sheds: Sheds will be built to keep equipment and tools secure and dry.

- Dump truck: A truck will be used for landscaping and maintenance.

- Historic implements: Farm equipment, hand tools, wagons, blacksmithing and wheelwright equipment are needed for an authentic look.

- Building renovation: Some village buildings need floors refinished, walls repainted. Families or organizations may "adopt" a building.

- Matching ox team: A team is needed for hayrides and early farming replication.

- Historic costumes: Donations of period costumes for men, women and children are requested. Bonnets, aprons and kerchiefs. Good school or youth group project.