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Is it the "Contract With America" or "AmeriKa"? I for one am under the belief that we already have a contract with America and it has outlasted, so far, every attempt to dismantle it for more than 200 years. I speak of our divine Constitution.

The Constitution, not Gingrich's "Contract With America," has God's approval and I am appalled at Newt's audacity. He will actually abolish our way of life if allowed to pass his contract. Take, for instance, the term-limitations clause. Our Constitution already contains term limitations, but it is instituted solely by the voice of the people at the ballot box on election day. If enough of us, being informed, get out and vote, we can change any senator or congressman, whether they've served one term or 10.Under Newt's plan, every beginning of a new term there will be a certain number of lame duck senators or congressmen. If a congressman can only serve three terms no matter what the people want, then the last term served they would know they would not be accountable to us.

An example is the vote the lame duck Congress gave on GATT in November. The American people didn't want GATT, but our representatives passed it anyway knowing that their re-election was already lost, their term having been limited by the people.

Gingrich and every other politician takes an oath at the beginning of his or her office. It is an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. It seems to me that most of our representatives in Washington ought to dust off a copy of the Constitution if they have one and read it. They would find the answers to every one of our governmental problems if they followed the contract we already have.

Sheri Ann Jensen