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American Fork Hospital-

ALLEN, Kelly and David, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 16.

ALLEN, Susan and Larry, Orem, girl, April 12.

ARNOLD, Teresa and Robert, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 13.

BRYANT, Rachelle and James, Provo, boy, April 16.

CARROLL, Shari and Stephen, Bluffdale, boy, April 13.

DINSDALE, Andrea and Jacob, Lehi, boy, April 12.

HARMON, Jaynie and Clark, Lehi, girl, April 14.

HILL, Jennifer and Arkin, Provo, boy, April 12.

HOWE, Sandra and Christopher, boy, April 11.

JENSEN, Patti and Richard, American Fork, boy, April 17.

JOHNSON, Julie and Ashley, Payson, boy, April 12.

KELLY, Suzanne and Sean, Provo, boy, April 14.

KIRKPATRICK, Tracy and Todd, Lehi, girl, April 15.

LEROY, Vickie and Richard, Orem, boy, April 10.

LIND, Rosemary and Brent, Alpine, boy, April 13.

MANGUM, Janet and Layne, American Fork, girl, April 12.

MCMURDIE, Kristie and Michael, Midvale, girl, April 10.

MCQUIVEY, Yvonne and Alan, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 18.

MURDOCK, Valeria and Todd, Murray, girl, April 18.

OLDHAM, Marchele and Byron, Orem, boy, April 15.

OLIPHANT, Michelle and Trent, Murray, girl, April 15.

OLSEN, Kamille and Perry, American Fork, boy, April 18.

PINKSTON, Paula and James, Provo, boy, April 14.

RICE, Fredia and Rodney, Provo, boy, April 9.

ROBINSON, Katie and Timothy, Lehi, boy, April 16.

RONEY, Becky and Derek, Orem, boy, April 17.

RONEY, Melanie and Kirk, Provo, girl, April 15.

ROWLEY, Jane and Richard, American Fork, boy, April 13.

ROWLEY, Leah and Steven, Orem, girl, April 18.

RUSSON, Tamara and Michael, Lehi, boy, April 13.

SHEARER, Lesa and Brent, Provo, girl, April 12.

SMITH, Lisa and Charles, Highland, boy, April 12.

TARBET, Tara and Bryon, Highland, boy, April 16.

TAYLOR, Nancy and Robert, Orem, girl, April 17.

THORNOCK, Alisa and Daniel, Orem, girl, April 15.

TINGEY, Charity and Nathan, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 15.

TSENG, May and HSIEH, Bell, Provo, boy, April 14.

WAGSTAFF, Phyllis and Steve, Orem, girl, April 17.

WEBB, Shirley and Russell, Lehi, girl, April 13.

WELDON, Jennifer and Bernhard, Highland, girl, April 18.

WEST, Marcie and Eric, Orem, boy, April 12.

WHITE, Rebecca and Rodney, Lehi, girl, April 17.

WOODEN, Marianne and Darren, South Jordan, boy, April 13.

YATES, Alisha and Michael, Highland, boy, April 13.