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Last bites

Several weeks ago, we asked you to send us your favorite "last meal" ideas in the event that you had to choose your last bites before your execution.

And we received some amazing mail.

Here are a few of your "comfort foods":

Lisa Merrill, Salt Lake:

"A Domino's pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple and extra cheese; tossed green salad with blue cheese dressing; a 2-liter bottle of orange Slice; and a thick chocolate milk shake with a slab of chocolate cake (with chocolate icing) on the side."

Helen Reinhold, Salt Lake:

"Fruit salad of delicious apples, tangerines, strawberries, pineapple, pears, peaches and bananas, covered with a sweet-and-sour fruit juice dressing; cup of hot chili (Chuck-A-Rama's recipe); prime rib; roast potatoes; brown gravy; asparagus with hollandaise; side salad of grated raw carrots with raisins; lemonade; brownie with thick chocolate-fudge frosting flavored with almond, served with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream; and finally, an after-dinner mint containing a lethal amount of sleeping powder."

Quotable edibles

America is an enormous frosted cupcake in the middle of millions of starving people.

--Gloria Steinem (1934 - )

What do you think about this, men?

A quote from sweet Louisa May Alcott:

"Men Don't belong in the kitchen."

Any comments? We'd love to hear from you.