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KSFI continues to be Utah's most popular radio station. "FM-100" has been the choice for several years now among adults, ages 25-54, and also the general listening audience of age 12 and up. Now it has added a new No. 1 category - it is also the top listening choice too for young adults ages 18-34.

According to the winter book of Arbitron Co. rating estimates, KSFI has 10.8 percent of the Wasatch Front radio audience for all ages 12 and up. The station also has a No. 1 share for listeners ages 25-54 and for the 18-34 age audience, too. KSFI dethroned the previous 18-34 age leader, KXRK, to make a clean sweep in the latest ratings.- Here are the Arbitron 1995 winter ratings for ages 12-plus, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI, 10.8 percent; 2. KSOP, 7.9; 3. KKAT, 6.1; 4. KSL, 5.7; 5. KRSP, 5.4; 6. (tie ) KISN-FM and KUTQ, 4.8; 8. KALL, 4.3; 9. KDYL/KOVO, 4.1; 10. KXRK, 3.9.

11. KBER, 3.8; 12. (tie) KVRI and KODJ, 3.5; 14. (tie) KLZX and KZHT, 3.3; 16. KISN-AM, 2.8; 17. KBZN, 2.2; 18. KUTC ("KWJJ"), 2.1; 19. KUMT, 1.3; 20. KFAM, 1.1.

- Here are the Arbitron ratings for the 1995 winter book, ages 25-54, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI, 13.5 percent; 2. KSOP, 9.1; 3. KRSP, 7.9; 4. KKAT, 6.1; 5. KISN-FM, 5.9; 6. KSL, 5.4; 7. KODJ, 4.8; 8. KALL, 4.5; 9. KVRI, 4.1; 10. KLZX, 3.8.

11. KISN-AM, 3.5; 12. KBZN, 3.0; 13. KBER, 2.8; 14. KXRK, 2.6; 15. (tie) KUTQ and KUTC ("KWJJ"), 1.9; 17. KUMT, 1.7; 18. KSOS, 1.5; 19. KZHT, 1.2; 20. (tie) KDYL/KOVO and KCPX/KMXB, 0.9.

- Here are the winter 1995 Arbitron ratings for ages 18-34, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI, 10.3 percent; 2. KKAT, 9.4; 3. KXRK, 8.2; 4. KRSP, 7.6; 5. (tie) KSOP and KBER, 7.2; 7. KISN-FM, 6.6; 8. KUTQ, 6.3; 9. KLZX, 5.5; 10. KVRI, 4.6.

11. (tie) KZHT and KUTC ("KWJJ"), 3.4; 13. KISN-AM, 2.0; 14. (tie) KALL and KODJ, 1.8; 16. KSL, 1.7; 17. KUMT, 1.5; 18. KBZN, 1.1; 19. KCPX/KMXB, 0.9; 20. (tie) KANN and KCNR, 0.6.

- Next week: Look for the morning show ratings.

- THE BIGGEST RESPONSE by the public to any radio change in my 11 years covering stations has to be the recent KLZX switch from classic rock to country music. The countdown and eventual "K-Bull" format change got good TV coverage and was also featured in Utah's three largest newspapers (a rarity).

I received numerous calls from listeners wondering what was going on, and my neighbors even asked me about it. For publicity on the change, KLZX would have to rate an "A" grade.

However, I'm still not certain there's enough audience in the market for a fifth Wasatch Front country music radio station.

Examining the latest Arbitron estimates for the ages 12-plus ratings shows the four country stations only grabbed 16.7 percent of the total radio listening audience. Unless "K-Bull" can attract new country listeners, it won't get the shares it seeks and/or the other stations will also have diminished audiences.

Now the "classic rock" audience share was only 8.7 percent, but that's still more than half of the 16.7 percent country audience (and the 8.7 was only divided among two stations).

KLZX didn't appear to make its format switch based on ratings, but I'm betting another classic rock station will sprout up to fill the vacancy left by KLZX - at least by the end of the summer.

Who is the new morning DJ on KLZX?

On Wednesday, May 17, Clyde Lewis premiered. Lewis said he'd never done country before, but he was enjoying it.

Lewis is a former sidekick to "Jon and Dan." He has also previously worked at KKBE in Ogden and at KMXB with Mark Van Wagoner. If he is the permanent DJ or just doing a trial period is unclear at present.

- JON AND DAN, formerly on KLZX, are in limbo for now, maybe until their contracts expire on Sept. 21. How did they fare in the latest Arbitron ratings?

For morning shows, they were sixth place among the age 18-34 audience, also sixth among men only ages 25-54 and eighth for ages 25-54, male and female.

Their numbers were down, but it appears that winter was always their low spot of the year.

Overall, KLZX was eighth place for listeners, ages 18-34 and 10th place for ages 25-54.

- GARY AND SCOTTY, formerly on KKAT, are also off the air now and are seeking new employment. If you think KLZX didn't consider ratings in its latest format change, consider the strong ratings Gary Zane and Scotty Christopher had and yet they were still fired from the airwaves.

Among morning shows, Gary and Scotty were tied for second-place among listeners age 18-34, fourth place for ages 12-plus and sixth place for listeners between the ages of 25-54. For some 30-plus morning shows in the market, that's really good.

That should reveal something of the strong competition in this market when you can be replaced - even though you were second place.

- KPCW (FM-88.3) will air a preview of a JFK book that author Dennis Lythgoe is writing on the former president's writing career, Monday, May 22, 11 a.m. Lythgoe is a Deseret News columnist and a professor at Westminster College.

- An address by Scott M. Matheson Jr., "The Role of the United States Attorney's Office" will air Wednesday, May 24, 11 a.m.

- LDS Radio Network will premiere a new LDS Church program, "The Latter-day Saints: Profile of a Covenant People," Saturday, May 20, 8 a.m.

- 10 YEARS AGO - Stan Main and Phil Conrad, the "Party Animals" on KCPX-FM were going strong with their "Idaho Joke of the Day" and "Phony call from Utah County" stunts. Peggy Ijams did the newscasts for the station.

Also, KRGQ named Harold D. Colli-priest as its new general manager and KFAM won first place at the eighth annual Media Competition in New York for its public service announcement on child pornography.