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Replacement umps: `Foul'

NEW YORK - The National League is looking into allegations by some replacement umpires that their plane reservations were canceled, unordered room service was delivered and that they were subjected to other forms of harassment.

Katy Feeney, the NL's senior vice president, confirmed Friday that the league is investigating the complaints by some umpires, who worked for a week while the regulars were on strike.

USA Today quoted replacement umpire Frank Sylvester as saying: "I'm sure it was them," referring to the regular umpires.

But Richie Phillips, counsel for the umpires' union, said his people were not involved. "We paid attention to the negotiations, not the scab umps," Phillips said.

Among the allegations by the replacements were that hotel and plane reservations were canceled and that they received huge room service deliveries that were never ordered. They also claimed that some of their wives received anonymous phone calls claiming that that the replacements were having affairs on the road.

Will has his own league

DALLAS - George Will's got a league of his own.

The syndicated columnist was named commissioner of the Texas-Louisiana Professional Baseball League on Thursday.

"He's a baseball purist," said Jack Lazorko, director of operations for the independent AA league, which had its first season last year.

Will is a diehard ball fan and author of "Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball."

The league has teams in Lubbock, Amarillo, Corpus Christi, Tyler, Harlingen and Laredo in Texas; and Pueblo, Colo., Mobile, Ala., and Alexandria, La.

Wahoo foes fight logo

CLEVELAND - Opponents of the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo logo won the right in a negotiated agreement to protest at the Gateway sports complex Friday night.

The agreement came as U.S. District Judge John Manos on Friday conducted a hearing on a lawsuit that Cleveland-area residents Juanita Helphrey and Robert Roche filed Thursday against the Gateway Economic Development Corp.

Both said they are of American Indian descent and are offended by Chief Wahoo, an Indian caricature the team has used for decades. The team's past home openers at city-owned Cleveland Stadium often have included such protests, but Gateway recently issued a prohibition.