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Crystal was born Dec. 17, 1985, and really wants to be adopted. She loves school, playing with dolls and coloring. Taking part in family activities and being read to make her especially happy.

Due to abuse and neglect and to having lived in seven foster homes since 1986, Crystal doesn't trust easily. Her current therapeutic foster parents are helping her learn to trust again. They have noticed that Crystal is interested in how relationships work and responds well to warm but firm structure. She prefers to be with adults and needs to be encouraged to play with other children.Crystal is an anxious child whose behavior gets worse when she's faced with a new or intimidating situation. She needs unconditional love and parents with whom she feels safe.

Crystal has a genetic immune deficiency that is kept under control with annual inoculations and a meningitis shot every three years. She is susceptible to flu and upper respiratory infections. Crystal also takes medication for hyperactivity and to help her sleep.

Because both her parents had limited intellectual capacity, it isn't surprising that schoolwork is difficult for Crystal. She is delayed in all academic areas, and her test scores are particularly low in verbal reasoning, concept development, short-term memory and fine motor skills. She does better with gross motor skills, arithmetic and nonverbal reasoning. She is still at the prereading level but is eager to learn.

A two-parent Anglo family that can provide plenty of nurturing and structure but are not judgmental would be best for Crystal. She would probably do best as the youngest child at home. Therapy to help her deal with her traumatic past will be needed at times throughout her childhood. She has three younger siblings with whom she'll need some contact. Financial assistance is available.