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Hollywood Park chairman R.D. Hubbard said Saturday he has made his pitch to the Los Angeles Raiders on a stadium deal and awaits an answer from owner Al Davis.

Davis has continued to negotiate with Hollywood Park, meeting with Hubbard this week, but he also apparently has not completely shut the door on the possibility of moving the Raiders back to Oakland."This is basically our final offer to the Raiders. The league definitely is going to have a team in L.A. and we're going to enter into the negotiations," Hubbard said at a hastily called news conference at the race track.

"But our total focus right now is on the Raiders. Basically the ball is now in the Raiders' court and we'll see what decision they make over the next few days."

Hubbard said Hollywood Park has set no deadline, but pointed out the NFL has a deadline of July 1 for the decision.

"We've been dealing in good faith with the Raiders and Oakland has never been discussed in any of the negotiations with the Raiders. I had hoped that Al was going to give me a birthday present and sign the deal today, but my birthday is Tuesday, so maybe there's still a chance," added Hubbard, who turns 60 next week.

"I have no information whatsoever on what Oakland is doing. There's never been any commitment (on Davis' part) in that regard. It's all speculation," Hubbard said.

The stadium is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 1, 1997, and will be for the Raiders, with a second NFL team, either an existing one or an expansion franchise, possibly beginning play in the Hollywood Park facility in 1998. The Raiders, who have played in the Los Angeles Coliseum for 13 years, have not said where they will play in 1995 and 1996 if the deal with Hollywood Park is worked out.