A woman who accused her supervisor at Wal-Mart of sexually harassing her was awarded more than $50 million.

Peggy Kimzey, 47, testified that Bud Brewer made numerous crude sexual remarks to her and other female employees about female anatomy and tight clothing. She resigned from her Wal-Mart job in 1993.A U.S. District Court jury on Wednesday awarded Kimzey $50 million in punitive damages, $35,000 for humiliation and mental anguish and $1 in lost wages.

Wal-Mart will appeal the ruling, said a statement issued from its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

Kimzey, another former worker and two current employees, all of whom worked in the Warsaw store's receiving department, testified about being pinched and kicked by male employees in addition to sexual comments.

They said complaints to the store manager were unsuccessful.