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THIS COLUMN is about unusual appearances.

I couldn't believe that news coverage of the Days of '47 Parade did not include mention of the jazzy role of our young, hot-shot governor. For me, it was the highlight.I was sitting on a lawn chair between 200 and 300 South Streets, not far from Channel 4's TV cameras, when a string of motorcycle policemen buzzed down Main Street. I looked over nonchalantly and realized the leader of the pack was Gov. Leavitt!

"It's the GOVERNOR!" I shouted, falling off my chair.

Then Leavitt, wearing his Days of '47 cowboy hat, made a smooth U turn and flipped back in the opposite direction, racing back up Main Street with a flashy grin across his face.

The next shocker was seeing the governor's car, a convertible, inch down the street with a smiling First Lady, Jackie, sitting next to a uniformed policeman.

Both of them were waving.

In the next block, the governor shifted places with the policeman again and gave him back his motor-cycle.

I sat there ruminating for a long time. What other governor could I think of who would have ridden a motorcycle down Main Street?


- Speaking of cowboy hats, I say hats off to the guy who chose to obey the state no-drive days, imposed because of rising ozone levels. He rode his horse to work.

I don't know where he works, but it took him an hour and a half to get there. He said it wasn't bad, because he got some reading done en route. Talk about devotion to governmental authority!

- Speaking of unusual appearances, how about "Speed" star Sandra Bullock driving a bus to the front of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York for her visit to the David Letterman show? Letterman was so taken with Bullock, who is now starring in "The Net," that he wouldn't let her go. The president's brother, Roger Clinton, was left fuming in the green room.

- Was I the only one surprised by the discovery that the Bountiful guy's wife who turned out to be a man had also popped up as a male physician at University Hospital? Utah is taking some pretty rough hits from pundits around the country who are wondering if all Utah men have difficulty telling the difference between the sexes.

- My son, Dave, was at the Salt Lake International Airport to meet a friend when he was astonished to see the actor, John Lithgow, walk off the plane.

"He was huge - must be 6 feet 5. I was tempted to try to talk to him, but I figured he has enough problems with people who want to talk to him everywhere he goes."

I think he should have approached Lithgow. I have plenty of troubles because of that actor. You see, the most common question I get from people who hear my name is, "WOW, are you related to John Lithgow?"

My standard line is, "Yeah, he's my brother. But when he became famous, he changed the spelling of our name, and now he never calls or visits."

- Finally, why is it comparatively few people turn up at the Days of '47 Parade? Oh, I know a lot of people camp out all night, but they don't have to!

We're parade fanatics who arrived this year at 8:20 and got a great seat with an easy view. Give up those television sets, PEOPLE, and come to the real thing and appreciate your pioneer heritage.

The only other place you can see the incomparable James Arrington as Brigham Young is at the Salt Lake Art Center in "Brigham Live."

And this is the perfect year. Arrington is not only the spittin' image, but he is 46, the same age as Young during his first year in the valley.